Comprehensive Solutions for All Your Payment Needs

Unified Commerce helps businesses of all sizes get paid faster and more efficiently with never-before-offered technology that modernizes Accounts Receivable processes. 

Much more than just credit card processing, Unified's powerful, "U-Commerce" platform offers non-invasive solutions that integrate easily into your existing workflows - and incrementally if desired - for all your payment needs and for all the payment methods your customers want. Streamlined, best-in-class, Unified.


0% Cost Credit Card Processing 

True zero-cost processing for your business on customers' Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex payments. Our technology adds fees to the sales price so you keep 100% of every card card sale. At point-of-sale, customers choosing to not pay the credit card fee are presented with no-cost alternative payment options. This smart solution complies with all rules and regulations to keep you covered.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment Network 

Secure and reliable, our EFT platform empowers businesses with their own, personalized Payment Network to digitally invoice customers with secure, embedded "Pay NOW" links customers use to pay you easily, efficiently and quickly. In as little as one week, your own EFT Payment Network can eliminate paper invoicing and manual reporting and replace credit cards, checks and ACH, easily, simply and cost-effectively.  

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and Mobile RDC

Make deposits anytime and reduce your carbon footprint with just a picture of your check. Go green with RDC and you'll enjoy the savings and convenience RDC gives your business.

  • Dramatically improve timing of funds availability
  • Eliminate bank trips and avoid teller lines
  • Reduce paper waste, tracking and filing

Digital Invoicing with "PAY NOW" Feature

Get paid faster when you invoice by email and include a secure embedded link your customers can use to pay digitally.

  • Real-time delivery encourages faster payment
  • Streamlines billing and reduces paperwork
  • Accepts multiple, full and partial payments

Mobile Payments

Help you get paid anywhere, anytime, securely with phone, tablet or mobile card reader.

  • Apple and Android supported
  • Secure, EMV-compliant card reader connects to phone jack
  • P2P encryption meets PCI guidelines

 AR and ERP Software Integration

Delivers secure payment information directly to your AR, ERP, CRM or OEM software. You'll benefit from improved accuracy, efficiency and savings.

  • Saves time and automates reporting
  • Eliminates re-entering payment data
  • Improves financial accuracy

Level-III Data Pass Through

Experience significant savings on credit card and ACH transactions with enriched level-III data, only available through Unified Commerce, passing directly from your AR, ERP, or CRM software.  

Back Office Solutions 

Digitize manual functions including invoicing, remittance, lockbox and recurring payments and you'll benefit from: 

  • Significant financial savings over manual operations
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduced carbon footprint