Make it Easy. Get Paid on Your Website
with a Secure ACH Customer Invoice Payment Portal.

Secure, easy-to-use ACH payment portals allow your customers to pay anytime, and quickly catch up past due accounts. Branded and embedded on your website, a PayNOW portal offers your customers convenience, efficiency, and savings.


  • Accelerate order-to-cash and reduce DSO with 24/7 payment acceptance capability.

  • Streamline reporting and improve financial accuracy with automated capture of remittance data.

  • Replace paper checks, credit cards fees and manual back-office workflows with smart, digital technology.


Simplify Customer Experience to Decrease DSO.

Customers save over 95% of the cost associated with mailing a paper check when they make ACH payments.


Enterprise businesses with Unified’s PayNowPortal see 45% of payments made at night and on weekends before due dates.


ACH payments replace costly back office workflows with efficiency and savings, for you and your customer




Customer Success Story

Meister Inernational, LLC faced the challenges of large outstanding Account Receivables, high payment processing fees, and shrinking margins. To keep business growing and profitable, Meister recognized that an easy first step was to …..Read More.