Accounts Receivable Automation, Simplified. 

Cloud-Based B2B A/R Technology and Order-to-Cash Solutions


Unified A/R helps businesses accelerate cash flow and reduce accounts receivable costs with easy to use order-to-cash solutionsBacked by consulting expertise from payment industry experts, our cloud-based A/R applications integrate quickly and easily into your existing workflows and processes.  

Our best-in-class order-to-cash software digitizes best practices for optimum cash flow management that is not disruptive to existing accounting processes 

Safe, Secure and PCI-Compliant

Unified A/R leverages state-of-art data security measures and protocols to protect your data and your customers’ information to ensure you achieve PCI compliance.

Our cloud-based technology includes fraud management tools and algorithms which adapt in real-time to identify fraud attempts. Rules and filters detect suspicious activity so transactions can be declined/approved pre and post authorization, simply and efficiently on a single dashboard.

Automated Accounts Receivable from Unified A/R leverages

platform access to Elavon Inc., First Data®, and TSYS®. 


Allow your customers to pay day or night with cost-efficient ACH, EFT or credit card transactions via a secure PayNOW button for online payments through your website. PayNOW links directly to your branded, secure payment network. Customers will love the convenience of paying online, keeping balances current and having digital receipts. You will love the reduction to accounts receivable DSO. 

Unified A/R’s best-in-class Surcharge solution makes it possible to protect margins and accept credit cards at NO cost to your business. Our smart technology automates the surcharge for you and keeps your business compliant with ever-changing rules and regulations. 

Remove blind spots from your A/R with cloud-based, automated payment applications that give your A/R Team a remote view into contactless payments accepted curbside or by your delivery drivers. 

Reduce receivable days outstanding and payment costs for an immediate impact on your bottom line. Real-time delivery of electronic invoices with PayNOW technology allows your customers to pay you instantly with cost-efficient ACH, Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) or credit card. 


Unified has best-in-class Automated A/R Solutions for you. Provide your contact info and a Payment Expert will reach out with more information.