Accelerate Invoice-to-Cash and
Reduce Account Receivable Costs with  


Do You Know the Real Cost of Your Paper Invoice Workflows?

Cloud-based electronic invoice solutions from Unified Payments Group reduce DSO and payment acceptance costs for an immediate impact to your bottom line. Real-time delivery of digital invoices with embedded click-to-pay links accelerates invoice-to-cash so you get paid faster, easier and at less cost. 

Automate AR with Dynamic Smart e-Invoices

Make getting paid easy and fast with e-Invoice solutions and payment acceptance technology.

Check out this demo to see how Unified’s dynamic e-Invoice solution reduces costs and streamlines AR processes with our Enhanced ACH payments and compliant surcharge technology for credit card acceptance. 

Reduce AR Cost and DSO with Real-Time Payments

Why not get paid faster, at less cost? With e-invoices from Unified, your customers can make payments INSTANTLY. Reduce paper check acceptance and eliminate mail times with lightning-fast and cost-efficient Smart e-Invoices from Unified Payments Group.


  • Replace paper and manual processing with cloud-based, digital AR technology
  • Increase client satisfaction by making it easy for customers to pay online or with click-to-pay technology for ACH, EFT and credit card transactions
  • Safe, secure and PCI-compliant



  • Digital, cloud-based technology automates AR to simplify conversion of outstanding receivables to sales
  • Real-time delivery of e-invoices and exception handling significantly reduces DSO
  • Click-to-pay technology offers your customers multiple electronic delivery channels for payments, including pay by text and online payments
  • Automated billing, reconciliation and reporting provide integrated receivables and streamlines management of AR aging reports


Customers prefer the secure payment options and ease of electronic payments only available in cloud-based software billing solutions. Digital payment technology for ACH transactions, EFTs and credit card acceptance is the most secure form of B2B payments according to the 2018 Payment Fraud Study from the Association of Financial Professionals. 

Smart e-Invoicing from Unified gives your customers the safest and fastest way to pay. Customers can view and pay invoices in the office or on the go with just a few clicks. Plus, the interactive invoice provides customers the detail they need and captures the data you want. Enhance your financial accuracy and streamline reporting with Smart e-Invoices. 

iPad Invoice


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