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Reduce Accounts Receivable Cost with  


Do You Know the Real Cost of Your Paper Invoice Workflows?

Smart Electronic Invoices and Statements from Unified A/R reduce DSO and payment acceptance costs for an immediate impact to your bottom line. Real-time delivery of digital invoices with embedded click-to-pay links accelerate invoice-to-cash so you get paid faster and easier at less cost. 

Reduce A/R Cost and DSO with Real-Time Payments

Why not get paid faster, at less cost? With e-invoices from Unified A/R, your customers can make payments INSTANTLY. Reduce paper check acceptance and eliminate mail times with lightning-fast and cost-efficient Smart e-Invoices from Unified A/R.


  • Real-time delivery and exception handling
  • Embedded payment link so customers can pay instantly with ACH/eCheck
  • Built-in fraud management and tokenization on all transactions
  • Enables customers to make full payments and partial payments with explanation
  • Capability to auto-apply payments to oldest invoices
  • Securely stores customer payment data for future transactions
  • Available automation of compliant surcharges on credit card payments


Customers prefer the secure payment options and ease of electronic payments only available in cloud-based software billing solutions. Digital payment technology for ACH transactions, EFTs and credit card acceptance is the most secure form of B2B payments.

Smart e-Invoicing from Unified gives your customers the safest and fastest way to pay. Customers can view and pay invoices in the office or on the go with just a few clicks. Plus, the interactive invoice provides customers the detail they need and captures the data you want. Enhance your financial accuracy and streamline reporting with Smart e-Invoices. 

iPad Invoice


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