Unified A/R’s best-in-class credit card acceptance solutions automate surcharges on B2B card payments with cloud-based technology that keeps you compliant. Card processing fees are automatically passed to your clients who choose the convenience of paying with credit cards. At point of sale (POS), your customers are notified of the surcharge and automatically presented the option to switch to no-fee payment methods. 

Protect Margins With Automated, Compliant Surcharges on Clients’ Credit Card Payments.

Recent rulings at Federal and State levels allow surcharges on B2B credit card payments to cover transaction costs, however, there are requirements that must be met. Unified A/R’s technology automates the surcharge so you never have to calculate credit card processing fees.   

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    Auto-calculates and displays surcharge amount, revealing to your customers the true cost of B2B credit card payments.
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    Presents no-cost and low-cost ACH/eCheck and debit alternatives to customers.
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    All transactions are tokenized so customer’s data is safe and you stay protected.
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    Increases customer service value and customer satisfaction with 24/7, online, self-serve payment convenience.
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    Turnkey solution automatically keeps you compliant as surcharge rules evolve.
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    Dedicated first-name basis consultation, plus 24/7 U.S.-based support from B2B A/R experts.

Safe, Secure and PCI-Compliant

Unified A/R leverages state-of-art data security measures and protocols to protect your data and your customers’ information. Our cloud-based technology includes fraud management tools and algorithms which adapt in real-time to identify fraud attempts. Rules and filters detect suspicious activity so transactions can be declined/approved pre and post authorization, simply and efficiently on a single dashboard. 

Compliant Surcharge Automation for Your Business

We’re the experts and we’re sharing our knowledge by offering smart technology that evolves and updates in real-time, so you don’t have to think about how to calculate fees. Our best-in-class surcharge solution is available in the following states, so no matter where you and your customers are located, you can trust Unified A/R to keep you compliant. 

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