Reduce DSO and AR Costs with an Easy


Button for online payment acceptance. 

Make getting paid easy. Get paid on your website 24/7.

Cloud-based, online accounts receivable technology reduces DSO by replacing your customers’ paper checks with online payment methods, including eCheck, ACH, EFT and credit card payments.  Allowing your customers to pay day or night on your website with ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions, EFT or credit cards can provide your business with the integrated receivables solution you’ve been searching for. Unified’s modular technology can be integrated seamlessly with your existing ERP software to increase AR efficiencwith a secure, branded PayNOW button for online payments through your website 

Providing your customers the convenience of accounts payable online helps keep balances current and provides digital records of bill payment, for improved customer experience and satisfaction. 

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Convenience, Efficiency, Savings and Security

  • Accelerate cash flow and reduce DSO with 24/7 online payment acceptance capability
  • Safe, secure and PCI-compliant
  • Replace paper checks, credit card fees and manual back-office workflows with digital payment technology
  • Streamline reporting, automate remittance processing, and improve financials with cash app technology and robust payment data to improve accounts receivable analytics and manage accounts receivable benchmarks

WATCH DEMO: Easy, Online Payment Acceptance

PayNOW from Unified makes getting paid easy, 24/7, with secure ACH transactions and credit card acceptance from your website. See how PayNOW with compliant surcharge technology for 0% cost credit card acceptance, and detailed custom reporting simplifies account receivables.



  • Customers save over 95% of the cost associated with mailing a paper check when they make secure ACH payments with online accounts receivable technology. 
  • Enterprise businesses with Unified’s digital payment acceptance see 45% of payments made at night and on weekends before due dates. 
  • Secure ACH and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and eCheck payments replace costly back office workflows with efficiency and savings, for you and your customer.


Meister International, LLC faced the challenges of large outstanding Account Receivables, high payment processing fees, and shrinking margins. To keep business growing and profitable, Meister recognized that an easy first step was to …
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“We began receiving full statement payments the same day we went live with Unified’s PayNOW Button”

“Our new secure PayNOW button eliminated the need for credit card terminals and reduced our payment acceptance costs by 54%.”

“Setting up our PayNOW Network was easy and the customer service team that assisted was extremely resourceful.”

“We’ve seen 45% of our customers make online payments at night and on weekends.” 

“The automated payment technology is cost-effective and was easy to integrate into our current workflows thanks to our dedicated Subject Matter Expert.” 


Take your invoice-to-cash to the next level with digital payment solutions. Contact us today to learn more about an easy PayNOW button for your website.