April 16, 2021

Updated April 16, 2021


Digital A/R Workflows Help Wholesaler-Distributors
Get Paid Faster and at Reduced Costs


Paper invoices and checks have been the norm for decades, but as wholesaler-distributors scale, so do their A/R needs. An estimated 82% of U.S. businesses are working to transition from paper invoicing and payment processes to digital A/R workflows to decrease DSO, reduce costs and increase security, all while improving customer experience and loyalty.


Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Increase When Paying is Simplified


In addition to security and fraud protection, moving to a more electronic A/R workflow offers your customers the benefits of efficiency plus savings. When your customers can click a button to pay an invoice, they have eliminated their entire incoming mail handling process, A/P processing and out-going mail expense. Depending on their business size, they may likely be processing hundreds or thousands of invoices monthly from all their suppliers combined. It’s easy to imagine how your customer would favor the supplier who simplifies their A/P workflow.


Paying with a paper check is 30 times more expensive for your customer.


In addition to obvious efficiencies, electronic payment options provide your customers a digital record of transactions, further reducing paper from their workflow and replacing it with digital receipts and the ability to streamline reporting, record keeping and even forecasting their own cash flow in real-time.


82% of U.S. Businesses are Migrating to Electronic A/R Workflows


Unified Payments Group, NAW’s Trusted Partner for cloud-based, modular A/R Technology and Payment Acceptance Solutions, has been recognized as a “TOP 10 A/R Solutions Provider.” Unified simplifies A/R to help Enterprise and Midsize businesses accelerate cash flow, reduce costs and improve efficiency with digital solutions which can be incorporated easily into your existing workflows and processes with minimal disruption.


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