November 9, 2023

We are often asked ‘why Unified’ or ‘what makes you different.’ There are many reasons, but to properly answer those questions we need to speak about the objectives we had in mind when we created our company. The primary goal, to ‘solve the customer’s problem from the seat of the client,’ has roots in my early training as a client-facing corporate banker. It is part of our culture day in and day out at Unified A/R. Value-added, intuitive technology that makes order-to-cash processes more efficient and improves both sides of the accounts receivable equation is what Unified A/R is all about.

Our solution includes our clients’ customer experience. That essential element is absent from competitors’ platforms. Your new and improved B2B processes must include how your customer interacts with your solution and what value it brings them. Ease of access and intuitive tools are key factors in driving customer adoption.

From that basis, Unified A/R for me is a bit like Back to the Future. The difference is that instead of having a client lockbox solution that improves a 10% match to 98.5% and resulting automated posting, we are using intuitive, easy-to-access technology that solves for terms-based electronic payments.

The efficiency gains from electronic invoice delivery, tracking, payment acceptance, reduced costs and automated posting are measurable and significant. This is backed by our payment experts who guide your team through implementation, conversion, and then handle servicing once your team goes live.

Although our solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central is a Microsoft App, our solution is anything but ‘app like.’ This is what makes Unified A/R different. I encourage you to book a demo to discover all of the many benefits available to your business. 


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