for Epicor Prophet 21

Integrated e-Invoicing, Payment Acceptance and Cash Application Technology
Plus Full Transparency all within your P21 system environment

Cash Application Technology for On-Premises and SaaS P21 Environments

Unified Payments Group brings cloud-based, modular accounts receivable and payment acceptance solutions to Epicor Prophet 21 users’ existing environments for a simplified, automated A/R process.

Our Integrated Cash Application Technology gives you full visibility into your entire invoice-to-cash workflow, solving the historic challenges of disjointed systems while helping you transition from manual, paper-based processes to digital A/R workflows.

Our team of ERP, Treasury Management and Payment Industry experts developed our integrated A/R platform specifically for P21 users’ unique needs to provide:

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    Transparent views within P21 of your entire AR process, from invoice to reconciliation
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    Modular solutions for e-invoicing, credit card acceptance with compliant surcharge technology, ACH
    processing and payment acceptance on your website, by text and with payment links in dynamic e-invoices
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    Personalized consultation and concierge-level support by our team of experts from the payment,
    treasury management and ERP development industries
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    Highly customized, flexible integration for your unique environment, with no huge CapEx
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    Streamlined implementation and timeline without the typical delays or disruptions


“In less than 6 months from signing up, we REDUCED FEES BY $216K,
equivalent to $7.2M in Net New Sales.”

M&A Supply Company faced the challenges of large out-
standing Accounts Receivable, high payment processing fees,
and shrinking margins. To keep business growing and profitable,
M&A Supply recognized that an easy first step was to
automate A/R processes with integration to P21.

“Our integration was fast, easy and one of the best experiences
we’ve ever had. We felt like we were Unified’s number 1 client.”

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Integrated Payment Acceptance and Cash Application Demo

Stream it instantly to find out how Surcharge as a Strategy for credit card acceptance and Unified’s compliant surcharge technology can reduce your A/R costs and increase your margins. You’ll see a demo of how easily Unified’s modular technology and cash application solution integrate to P21. We’ll show you how our automated surcharge solution protects your business from processing fees by enabling 0% cost credit acceptance within P21.


Award-Winning Fintech for Seamless Integration to P21

Simplify your AR process with best-in-class, integrated payment processing. Recognized as a “TOP 10 A/R and E-Invoice Solutions Provider” in 2018 and 2019 by CFO Tech Outlook Magazine, Unified helps manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of all sizes accelerate cash flow, lower costs and generate useful business insights through robust payment and remittance data with digital solutions to A/R workflows.

Make Getting Paid Easy with Automated AR and Integrated
Cash Application
from Unified Payments Group

Unified simplifies the entire AR process from dynamic e-Invoicing to automated reconciliation. All our modular solutions are supported 24/7 by U.S.-based customer service and come with concierge-level support by experts from the payment and treasury management industries.


Let Unified be your Subject Matter Expert for personalized consultation and exceptional support.

  • Ensure AR excellence with our on-going assessments and recommendations.
  • No call-center roulette, ever. Our qualified, U.S.-based team is on standby 24/7.
  • Dedicated Account Manager on first-name basis to understand and anticipate your business needs.
  • When you call Unified, you speak with an expert who knows you and understands your business.


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